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Why we stand out on LinkedIn

  • Publish Date: Posted over 6 years ago
  • Author: James Kenealey

LinkedIn is a fantastic tool for engaging with candidates. In the UK alone, there are about 15 million users – never before has there been access to such a wide number of skilled workers and the figure continues to grow.

At Anderselite, we wanted to make sure our brand was accurately represented on LinkedIn. In 2012, we analysed how we could utilise LinkedIn to match our job opportunities to the most appropriate candidates. We identified KPIs, set achievement targets and made a number of strategic decisions regarding how best to represent our company and staff. We wanted to engage with current and potential clients and candidates in the construction, rail, oil and gas, architecture and IT industries, as well as the aerospace and technical-based sectors. These are competitive areas globally and we wanted to prove our worth to the thousands of people in these fields currently active on LinkedIn.

LinkedIn is dominated by passive candidates – 80% of its UK members aren’t seeking a job. Despite this, by raising our presence and familiarity amongst the right people, we’ve seen a huge boost in our engagement levels with its members. If a passive candidate becomes active, we want them to be familiar with Anderselite. Subsequently, we made the decision to ensure all our staff are signed up to LinkedIn, complete with comprehensive profiles and suitable Anderselite branding. Every staff member has uniform imagery in the form of professional black and white profile pictures containing the CDI logo. Anybody who sees our employees on LinkedIn can instantly identify them as a member of Anderselite.

Furthermore, by having consistently-branded profiles, including company descriptions and individual employee job descriptions, we are successfully conveying our message that we’re dedicated to serving our candidates in their best interests. It also makes it easy for a potential candidate to get in touch with the right member of staff so we can help them more quickly and effectively than anybody else.

Our LinkedIn profiles are on-brand and emphasise our professional message

In 2013, we took a more holistic approach to our LinkedIn presence – we wanted to demonstrate our emphasis on building careers for people, not just finding them a job that meets their immediate needs. Recruiters who post job after job on social media feeds aren’t engaging with candidates – the one-way dialogue is very off-putting. With such a passive candidate-dominated environment, LinkedIn is not suited to job-board-style listings. When we share our specialist blogs on LinkedIn, we actively encourage discussions. Through this, we pool together the knowledge and thoughts of clients, candidates and our own employees to create a well-informed community in which everyone benefits. Moreover, we have created industry-specific groups where engaged candidates can read, share and discuss relevant news, blogs and insights.

We use intelligent job scraping in order to ensure our latest jobs – complete with all necessary information – are listed on LinkedIn in the designated space, not clogging up the areas designed for discussion and content.

Our Talent Brand Index (Reach ÷ Engagement) success compared to our competitors illustrates how our approach is what candidates expect of a reputable recruitment consultancy company.

Our content is widely shared by employees as we seek to drive engagement on areas of interest for the community. This is providing tangible results – our monthly page views have increased 44%. Additionally, our total followers has grown by 170% – testament to the success of our branding strategy. On average, our consultants are receiving 39% more views than they were a year ago and we have huge amounts of visitors from countries across the world, highlighting the impact we’re having on the global pool of talent. If skilled workers migrate to the UK, we are already in the perfect position to help them as we have already built a solid relationship with them and they can trust us to find the perfect role.

Our approach to LinkedIn is precisely what our target audience is looking for

By embracing LinkedIn and taking a strategic outlook regarding how best to utilise it, we’ve never had a better way to showcase our capabilities to such a large audience. We continue to improve our LinkedIn presence to make sure our candidates get the best possible experience from us. It is vital employers and candidates know just what we deliver and we’re constantly seeking new ways to demonstrate our expertise and aptitude in the industries we operate in.