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To further support our clients, we have developed a range of services to complement our talent acquisition offering. These include added-value options such as employer branding support, talent management technology and pre-employment screening.

In response to the remote recruitment revolution, we have partnered with online interviewing and remote onboarding businesses to offer our clients future-facing and agile solutions.

  • Video screening

  • Market mapping

  • Diverse talent attraction

  • Enhanced ID checks

  • Employer branding

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Video screening

At Anderselite we have built video screening right into our recruitment process. Video interviewing gives clients and candidates greater flexibility, reducing 'time-to-hire' and saving travel costs.

Market mapping

We provide detailed market overviews drawing on multiple data sources. Our reports enable our clients to make informed hiring decisions by arming them with intelligence on specific skills, demand, supply, pay rates and competitor activity.

Employer branding

Through online & offline events, social media campaigns, video, landing pages, podcasts and immersive digital microsites, we attract candidates who are not only qualified but aligned to your culture, vision and values.

In an ever-evolving world, the way businesses attract, convert and delight talent needs to be agile, insightful and unique. With candidates driving the recruitment market, organisations need, more than ever, to find innovative ways to make their brand shine in front of the right people.

Our employer brand experts help businesses to harness the power of digital to attract and excite the best and most relevant talent for your organisation.

Turning traditional and transactional recruitment on its head, we offer a range of services each curated to engage, nurture and create awesome candidate experiences through personification, personalisation, video, effortless application and interaction. For each client, we design bespoke campaigns based on your brand, your target audience and your desired message, to activate the right candidate to apply for the right opportunity.

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Diverse talent attraction

Organisations who build diverse workforces not only benefit from a competitive advantage but, by sourcing skills from underrepresented groups, respond positively to skills shortages. We run programmes working with ex-offenders and the homeless, as well as creating bespoke recruitment campaigns to support your diversity agenda.

Enhanced ID checks

The penalties for employing an individual who does not have the right to work in the UK are severe. To provide our clients with protection, all Anderselite candidates undergo enhanced ID and background checks before starting work.