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Video Interviewing

Recorded visual interviews are an innovative new technology. The system allows a simple and robust way of pre-screening candidates any time, anywhere.

Why should you use video interviewing:
  • Standardises questions asked for each position
  • Replaces or reduces phone screens
  • Reduces travel costs and your environmental impact
  • Share recorded interviews via email and collaborate online
  • Ensures fewer, better in-person interviews
  • All you need is a webcam and any internet connected computer
  • No expensive video conference equipment needed
  • We offer both live and pre-recorded video interview solutions for pre-screening candidates


Simply invite candidates to conduct interviews in two ways:
  • Live video panel interviews
    Host live video interviews with up to 3 panelists and a candidate (recording option)
  • Virtual pre-recorded interviews
    Candidates record responses to pre-defined questions for your review
Award winning features:
  • Interview mangement console
    Schedule, invite and watch interviews online
  • Create cystin web-cam interviews
    Design questions and pre-define video, anytime, anywhere
  • Using a webcam, candidates respond
    To your pre-defined video questions anywhere, anytime
  • Watch recorded interviews
    Click and compare individual questions to view the response
  • Compare responses to questions
    Comment, tag, share securely with others via email
  • Live video panel interviews
    Up to three panellists and the candidate

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