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Recruitment Process Outsourcing

Let us take responsibility for all or part of your recruitment process, delivering the best talent to join your organisation
Our Permanent Recruitment Solutions are designed with you to:

  • Identify
      • To find the best talent you need to know where to look. Anderselite can provide you with a detailed market overview. Drawing on our multiple sources including LinkedIn, job-boards, our own database and various 3rd party datasets, we can give you detailed intelligence on where to find specific skills, demand, supply, payrates and competitor activity.

  • Attract
      • - Deploying our multichannel approach we attract a targeted and diverse set of candidates
      • - Developing and promoting your Employee Value Proposition

  • Select
      • - Building the right selection process for each role, utilising a number of tools to cater for your specific needs:
      • - Ensuring each candidate has the best possible experience regardless of the outcome of the interview

  • Engage
      • - Managing the offer process and ensuring candidates needs are met ahead of starting their new role
      • - Engaging with candidates through meaningful and ongoing communication strategies harvesting candidates for future needs
      • - Managed talent pools:
        • - Identify required skill sets
        • - Candidate relationship management process to engage ahead of the need
  • Retain
      • - Clear onboarding and induction processes
      • - Understanding what makes people stay in your organisation
      • - Promoting opportunities internally

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