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In terms of employment there are a multitude of opportunities in the rail sector for highly skilled specialists with a wealth of experience; mid-senior roles such as rail engineers, project managers and system design engineers. However, take into account that George Osborne has launched a £600m Northern Hub rail upgrade programme and the £37.5bn investment in CP5 due to begin this month, creating and additional  20-30,000 private sector jobs, it is becoming apparent that demand for skilled workers is set to increase even further.

            Good news you may think - but what is worrying for the sector, is that only around 15% of the workforce is under 30 years old. With transport businesses foreseeing an increase in demand, at Anderselite, we believe it's time for the sector to welcome more young people to the workforce.

The earlier the industry can engage people to consider a career in engineering, the more interest can be built and retained. According to the 2014 UK engineering report, only 40% of 11-16 year olds see engineering as desirable and only 1 in 6 fully understand what people in engineering actually do. 


Therefore, more provisions need to be made to attract young people to the rail industry.This can be enhanced by encouraging schools to increase the number of students studying core STEM subjects and by offering roadshows, career days and fairs to give the chance to meet technical leaders and rail experts who can explain the different job roles and opportunities available.

Key to attracting new people to the sector will be the development of clear career pathways. For any young person, the prospect of advancement and involvement together with a competitive salary in a career is a very attractive one.  So the need to demonstrate how a career in the rail industry offers a solid technical grounding with plenty of opportunities to follow specialist interests as their experience develops is crucial. 

In addition, the rail industry has a very loyal workforce, with existing staff remaining in their roles for a long time. While this is great to keep the expertise within the industry, it also dissuades applicants who assume that there are limited positions available. With investments in railway maintenance and construction announced frequently, this simply isn’t true and so the industry needs to work to ensure the misconception is corrected.

At Anderselite, we believe it is vital to employ the right people with the right skills and attitude to maximise the productivity and performance of any business - which means utilising the potential of all talented candidates available.

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