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Is video going to change recruitment forever?

Video interviewing has been one of those things, much like electric cars, talked about for years and on the face of it a good idea, but yet to really take off. However, data gathered from a recent Anderselite survey suggests candidates and employers are now ready to use video as part of the recruitment process.

We surveyed 360 candidates and found that, whilst over half were already aware of video interviewing, only 16% of respondents had ever taken part in one. What’s particularly significant is that when asked if they would be willing to take part in a video interview and did they think it would help the application process, a resounding 88% said yes!

A similar picture emerged when hiring managers were surveyed, 56% were aware of the technology, but less than 10% had previously used it. However, as with the candidates, 62% also felt it would benefit the recruitment process.

Video interviewing can be used in two different ways during the recruitment process. The first method is to screen and compare a pool of candidates by watching short pre-recorded clips, often with the candidates presenting highlights from their CV or answering a set of standard questions. The second option is a live interview with a two-way, real-time conversation between the candidate and hiring manager.

The technology to make video interviewing possible has been around for years and is constantly evolving. Furthermore, it is very cost and time effective, environmentally friendly and incredibly easy to use.
Historically, the problem seemed to have been more about changing attitudes – perhaps candidates and hiring managers have both felt a little self-conscious, reluctant to change or haven’t been offered video screening and interviewing as an option during the recruitment process.

However, things are now changing. Apple recently announced that between 15 and 20 million FaceTime calls are made every day. Companies routinely use video conferencing and most of us at one time or another have used Skype. The huge popularity of sites such as YouTube and Vimeo show that we are all far more comfortable using video as a communication tool than ever before.

Yet being open to using video to screen or interview a candidate is only one part of the issue. The other, and perhaps more important issue, is just because we can, should we?

Many of the benefits of video interviewing are self-evident: it’s far more convenient for everyone, it speeds up the hiring process and reduces costs and unnecessary travel whilst having a positive impact on the environment. In short, it saves both time and money for the client and the candidate.

Perhaps the softer benefits are not so immediately apparent. The use of video in the recruitment process can also make for better hiring decisions.

It has long been understood that the majority of human communication is non-verbal – the actual words spoken may account for as little as 7% of the information passed, with body language and tone of voice accounting for more than 90%.What may be less well known is just how little time is spent looking at a CV. Research, conducted in 2012 by career website The Ladders, showed that on average a recruiter will spend just six seconds looking at your CV, proving that a CV, when viewed in isolation, is not necessarily the best way of screening and selecting candidates.

Reading a CV and then watching a candidate talking about his or her experiences, key skills or answering some specific questions set by the hiring manager is a much more effective screening process.

Despite the obvious benefits of using video in the recruitment process, it is still very much the exception rather than the rule. According to a study by Aberdeen Group, just 31% of organisations currently invest in this particular interviewing technique and our survey supports this. However, it does look like that is finally about to change!

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