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UK Floods: The clean-up operation begins

Posted by: Simon Trippick

When you think of breaking records you think of fame, celebrations and achievement.  However, the recent UK floods did just that - in all the wrong ways.

The bad weather was caused by major perturbations in the Pacific and North Atlantic jet streams, partly triggered by persistent rainfall over Indonesia and the tropical Pacific Ocean. The resulting weather has battered the UK wreaking havoc and causing extensive damage to both natural and man-made structures, leaving coastal areas of Wales and the south west of England with a clean-up operation with no quick fix. Now, with the weather finally settling down and water levels retreating affected residents are returning to their homes to survey the damage.

Approximately 7,000 properties across England have been flooded in the past few months and with rain continuing to fall in some parts, the cost of the clean-up operation could run into the £1b mark, but could this devastation have been reduced or better still avoided?

Here at Anderselite, we believe the focus now is to prevent this type of devastation happening in the future and the UK should be looking at buildings and rail lines in countries that are used to such conditions; for instance the U.S and Malaysia. From an engineering perspective the real challenge is the critical short and long-term management of flood defences, preparations and future anticipations and measures as the climate could continue to bring further risks.

However, the Government today has announced a new £20.5million action plan to help protect Somerset in particular, from future flooding, bringing newfound hope to those affected – which we are sure will be greatly appreciated.

With this latest announcement the demand for engineers and contractors looks set to further increase – which is welcome news for those in or indeed joining the industry.

If you are looking to pursue a buildings, rail or engineering, please get in touch.

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