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Increasing strength in northern marketplace

Posted by: John Hobbs

An interview with John Hobbs of Anderselite:

Back in 2012, a survey conducted by the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development (CIPD) found that there was a further widening of the North-South divide. Do you believe this gap is showing signs of narrowing in 2014?
London has and always will lead the way in terms of the sheer size and scale of construction projects. However, there are a number of key construction projects earmarked across the Yorkshire and Humberside region over the next few years and although the level of investment may only be in the tens of millions compared to the £100m+ sized projects underway in the capital, they still present a number of employment opportunities. Some of these projects are those that were temporarily suspended during the recent economic downturn but are being resumed now.

How have employer hiring intentions changed over the last 12 months? How do you view the jobs outlook for the region both now and over the coming year? 
Job creation within the construction industry is picking up apace across the country, and it's no different in this region. Housing continues to represent the bulk of these new opportunities and we expect it to continue this trend over the next few years.

What industries/sectors are experiencing growth in the north and Scotland?
The Government's Help to Buy scheme has boosted the housing market and we are already seeing a number of leading house builders opening news sites throughout the Yorkshire region. This is good news for the local economy, the wider construction sector itself and a welcome boost to employment within the region.

What are the key challenges moving forward for both jobseekers and employers?
For employers, the key challenge they face is securing the right talent for the right roles. The candidate pool remains heavily populated and the job market remains largely client-led, which means that employers remain in the fortunate position whereby they can continue to cherry-pick those workers whose skills best match their roles. For job seekers, the ability to effectively 'sell' themselves as a prime candidate with the specific skills that employers are looking for will continue to be the key challenge.

What advice would you give to jobseekers in the current market?
Job seekers need to ensure that they keep their qualifications and training up to date, whilst also ensuring that their experience has direct relevance to the role they are applying for - employers are looking for people whose experience matches the requirements of the job in hand. For instance, applying for a role working on a rail project when all you have is experience of working on other non-rail infrastructure projects may seem like a relatively straightforward transfer of skills, but its not necessarily what employers want. They are often looking for people with specialist skills who will work with them help grow their business. So it is important that job seekers take time to consider the relevance of the role they are applying for and more important, to demonstrate their suitability for a role. For example, simply stating that you worked as a Site Manager for Company X will see your CV progress no further along the application process –  you need to include specific details of each project you worked on that has relevance to the job in hand.

How long have you been working at Anderselite?
12 years.

What attracted you to work for the company? What makes you continue your career with the company?
I joined Anderselite in 2001 and have remained ever since. The company has enabled me to realise some of my career ambitions and it continues to be an exciting environment in which to work


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