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Good news for UK construction workers

A recent survey has shown continued levels of growth across the construction industry. This is good news for the economy overall, and is seen as one of the key indicators of confidence. It is also a sign of hope for the many thousands of workers in the sector and an increased level of orders is leading to a significant upturn in the jobs market.

The Markit/CIPS UK Construction Purchasing Manager's Index (PMI) Survey published at the end of last year showed growth in the industry for the eighth month in a row. This was mainly fuelled by a number of new commercial jobs, but there were also increases across the board.

The survey gave a reading of 62.1, which was a higher than expected amount of growth. This is slightly down from the level of 62.6 recorded in November 2013 - the highest since the middle of 2007. However, it is still well above the 50 mark, which indicates the point between growth and decline.

The survey showed the greatest increase in commercial building projects since 2007. House building is still the quickest growing area this has been boosted by further growth in the housing market and the impact of the Government's Help to Buy scheme.

A recent Markit Construction report highlighted wide-ranging growth, with increases recorded in most areas of the industry.

Increased confidence
The results of the latest survey highlight that construction customers are now more confident about the future prospects of their businesses, providing them with the ability to release funds and spend more on new projects.

More than 50% of those who took part in a recent survey, said they expected to increase their output this year. This compares with only one third of respondents feeling that way at the same time last year.

Boost to the jobs market
This increased activity and optimism in the industry isn't just beneficial for the companies involved, it also provides a much needed boost for the jobs market. The increase in orders enables companies to look positively at their recruitment strategy. Many of them need to significantly increase the number of positions they have available, in order to satisfy their orders on time.

The number of jobs available in the construction industry has been increasing for the past seven months - the longest period of time for more than five years. There has also been the quickest growth in the number of sub-contractors being used since the start of the economic downturn.
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