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Changing the face of recruitment: Introducing Intelligent Staffing Solutions

Posted by: Anders Elite

In 2014, Anderselite were proud to launch its own fully end-to-end MSP product: Intelligent Staffing Solutions. Client Relationship Manager Georgia Byrne explains.

As part of the Intelligent Staffing Solutions team, I work on our large-scale infrastructure Recruitment Process Outsource and MSP programmes. Over the past few years, Anderselite have rolled out several key features that have merged together to create our current flagship solution: Intelligent Staffing Solutions. As we progressed the service, it became apparent that what we were offering was different to other services in the market, namely due to the innovative features that have added genuine value to our clients. This, combined with the niche, sector-specific knowledge our recruitment consultants can give separates us from current large-scale MSP providers.

What is Intelligent Staffing Solutions?

We understand that every MSP promises a reduction in margins, an increase in quality hires and a tailored approach. Intelligent Staffing Solutions is an MSP product that delivers this and more. The features we have implemented provide our clients with an unprecedented level of market intelligence, significant cost reductions, time-saving measures and a streamlined onboarding process. What’s more, we are backing these claims up with quantified data.

What are the key features of the Intelligent Staffing Solutions service?

We split the key features into the following:

1. Real-time pay intelligence

Many MSPs provide salary benchmarking. Queries about mean annual or hourly wages or location-specific pay data can be answered, but the data is inherently out-of-date the moment it is published and often cited for months afterwards. Clearly, this is not sufficient or authoritative enough for large or complex talent pooling projects or in industries where market strength is prone to fluctuation. The solution we offer is a real-time pay rate tool that scans all company online vacancy pages and jobsites every day to ascertain location-specific, real-time salary benchmarks.    

Intelligent Staffing Solutions also reports on the number of jobs in each location and the companies advertising, so our clients can monitor and understand their competitors’ needs and strength in the current job market.

What’s more, we work on a consultative basis with our clients to provide bespoke assistance. By analysing the data available and measuring it against client needs, we are able to provide strategic planning advice regarding long-term resourcing strategies. For example, the real-time pay-rate data we have can reveal whether a client would be able to attract a far larger number of quality talent if the target location was 30 miles north, or if they are paying more than is necessary even considering immediate competition. These sorts of recommendations are based on tangible data rather than approximations and gut feeling which many other companies often claim as ‘experience’ or ‘market-knowledge’.

2. Video Interviewing and screening

HR or hiring managers typically interview 3-5 candidates on average per role and in times where there are a large number of candidates to source from, this often results in a bloated hiring process. We’ve added video screening to our Intelligent Staffing Solutions process to alleviate this and have observed excellent results. Our platform provides hiring managers with the opportunity to interview candidates passively, through pre-recorded questions. The passive process means hiring managers can assess candidates’ answers anywhere as long as they have connectivity and at any convenient time – whether that’s on a train via a Wi-Fi or even 3G/4G network, or with their mobiles, such is the high level of functionality.    

The video screening serves to identify those candidates underselling themselves on their CV, as well as those who oversell. This added layer is providing hiring managers with a degree of quality control, as well as reducing the number of candidates at interview stage and improving interview-to-offer ratios. There are no calendar clashes or no-shows, no surprises at interview stage and a visible chance to diversify and increase the marketplace. Our clients are reporting a higher quality of candidate and a reduced time-to-hire process – an excellent combination that we are keen to continue.

What’s more, the number of people now using video communication software in their personal lives (think Skype, Google Hangouts and Apple FaceTime) means the transition of similar software into the workplace has been straightforward. Last year, we surveyed our candidates and clients about our video interviewing and screening process: 68% of candidates who have used it liked the experience, while 89% of those who hadn’t were prepared to take part. Furthermore, 88% believed it would speed up the application process, while just 6% of our clients were not prepared to use it in the future. The feedback given is indicative of the way recruitment is changing and we are in a strong position to cater for the changing methodologies.

3. Online onboarding

In all our sectors, legislation and compliance is critical. In some areas – trades and labour, for example – the length of time to collate and confirm all required documentation can be a real hindrance to getting a worker started. The online onboarding process in our MSP requires all candidates to submit the necessary documents before joining a company. We have a dedicated team that meticulously checks and approves all submissions, meaning every candidate that comes onboard does so at a fully compliant stage. As a result, we’re seeing greater efficiencies at the early stage of new hire periods – usually the most challenging.    

The online onboarding process is not just accessible to our team – HR and hiring managers can also check the progress at any time. They can also make additions and changes whenever convenient, resulting in a highly flexible, transparent onboarding process that caters for our clients’ variable compliance requirements.

How do these factors combine to provide a market-leading service?

We hear of numerous MSPs offering tailored processes and consultations, but what Anderselite offer is genuinely first in class. The innovative technology on offer, combined with our status in construction and engineering recruitment, means we are in a unique position to provide an unrivalled end-to-end solution. Our MSP programme will scale to client needs – it is the market knowledge and quality technology that matters most. We’re attracting interest from global companies that Intelligent Staffing Solutions wasn’t initially intended for. It’s testament to the fact that employers are looking for a quality service, not just a sizeable or historic MSP provider.

The Intelligent Staffing Solutions product is, ultimately, an MSP model. We’ve not reinvented the wheel regarding the underlying process – it’s the value-add aspects of our model and the benefits that these deliver that generate the recognition we’ve received. With the positive reception so far, it’s an exciting period for everyone working on the Anderselite Intelligent Staffing Solutions programme and I fully expect it to be leading the way for many years to come.

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