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On Yer Bike - pain for gain!

It takes a certain kind of person to become a recruitment consultant; confident, extroverted and ready to tackle challenges and reach personal goals. All excellent preparation for taking on a tough physical trial like Anderselite’s entry into the 2014 Snowdonia Charity Challenge.

Unfortunately, unlike the majority of my teammates, I’m not a recruitment consultant, I’m a bid writer, and work, like school, has a way of dividing people along familiar playground lines. If the recruitment consultants are the cool, loud, sporty kids then I’m the happy nerd at the back of the library with my head buried in a sci-fi/fantasy novel.

So at first glance it’s difficult to know what mad impetus has driven me to take part in a challenge that’ll take me over a stonking great mountain in Wales; 10.5 miles on a bike, 9 miles hiking and a final 2.5 miles kayaking. It’s particularly baffling considering that until recently the only exercise I’ve had is walking over to plug my Xbox controller in when the battery has died.

But when the email came round the offices that Anderselite would be putting some teams together to represent our company and raise some serious money for CRASH, I jumped at the chance.

CRASH is the construction and property industry’s charity for the homeless and they do excellent work providing aid, work and housing for homeless men and women.  It can be tough to feel as though you can make a difference as an individual to important issues like homelessness but charities like CRASH take those contributions and build something bigger.

The opportunity to make a difference was too good to resist. I hid the D20 and stashed the graphic novels for later, it was time for this girl to get on her bike.

Five months later I’m still not one of the cool, loud, sporty types like my teammates but I’m running faster and cycling longer in the name of tackling homelessness. Nobody needs to know that the headphones are in so I can do it all to the Star Wars soundtrack.

Anderselite’s charity challenge team, the TriathElites are happily accepting donations on behalf of CRASH at

By Megan Price
Bids Coordinator
Anderselite Ltd

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