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e-Timesheet Client Benefits

We understand that paying contract workers as quickly and efficiently as possible is very important to our clients.

Therefore we would like to invite you to use our innovative e-Timesheet system, which has been designed to offer a free, fast and convenient service.

The benefits to you of using our e-timesheet system are:

Paperwork Free - 100% online system – no need to keep paper copies as you can log in and check details at anytime.

Easy Access - our system is mobile friendly and can be accessed using your smartphone, enabling you to check and authorise timesheets at any time, anywhere. Which means no more visiting sites on a Friday to sign off paper sheets!

Speed of Service - from the moment that you receive a notification of a timesheet for authorisation, you can agree the figures and send the timesheet for payment within minutes.

Security - our web based system ensures data can't be lost and that figures can't be amended once they have been posted and approved. Only authorised signatories can approve a timesheet.

Accuracy - what you authorise is exactly what you are invoiced for. You can return any inaccurate timesheet submissions to the worker immediately.

Multiple timesheets - manage multiple workers timesheets via your assigned, personal account.

Please contact us today to find out more about how our free e-timesheets system can support your business requirements.

The e-Timesheet Team

t: 0238 021 9222
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