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The next big thing: why contracting companies should consider hiring from prisons

The construction industry makes up a large part of the UK’s economy, employing more than 2.93 million people and generating billions of pounds in annual revenue. However, there is a problem on the horizon: more than 22% of workers in construction are over fifty, and will soon start to retire, putting strain on a sector that is already struggling to attract young talent to its ranks.

With an increasing skills shortage, it has become more important than ever to find workers by sourcing from unconventional places. It has long been said that the construction sector is conservative when it comes to recruitment, but companies are now starting to recognise their success depends upon recruiting a diverse workforce.

In April, Anderselite’s Divisional Manager in Sales and Client Services, Georgia Byrne started working with prisoners who are soon to be released back into society.

While this programme is in its early phase the results are very encouraging. Potential candidates are required to undertake a two-day PTS course as well as a one-day online course before being equipped with Personal Protective Equipment by Anderselite; during this initial period they are allowed out during the day to work, before being released and then taking on full-time work.

Anderselite is committed to providing supporting and working with our clients to help find suitable roles for these ex-offenders. What is perhaps most surprising is the quality of these individuals. Their high standard of work, commitment and enthusiasm to make the most of a second chance.

At Anderselite, we recently put one of our candidates to work on the CrossRail West Stations project for Taylor Woodrow, who are working on upgrading thirteen stations on the old Great Western Railway Line in London. Despite only being released from prison six weeks before, our candidate quickly adapted, completing a training period that normally takes months, in a mere twelve shifts and earning a swift promotion.

However, it’s also important to bear in mind that in order for this scheme to succeed there needs to be a commitment in hiring people from all backgrounds. It’s been shown that ex-inmates can thrive on the challenge of working in construction and rail. The prison population presents a pool of previously untapped talent for companies.

So why not start expanding your recruitment boundaries today and get involved in the push for diversity? 

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