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Anderselite Gala 2017: Thank You to All Our Employees

Anderselite celebrate a milestone year at its Annual Gala Event aboard the Sunborn Yacht. CEO Simon Trippick reflects on the importance of these events to the company’s culture.

On Friday 2 June, we held our annual gala dinner and awards evening aboard the Sunborn Yacht Hotel in London’s Docklands. I must admit that in the past I have questioned the value of this type of corporate celebration – not only is there the considerable expense, but any event of this type is extremely time-consuming to organise. It proves a substantial logistical challenge too, finding dates and formats that will include and appeal to the widest possible number of employees. 

But Friday made me once again realise why this event is so important to all of us at Anderselite and why it has become an ingrained part of our culture. The Gala is a fixed point when we all come together and recognise the most vital part of the company – our employees. It brings together all our people from across seven UK locations, who throughout the year are working hard to support our clients and candidates.

It is also at this event that we host our Millionaire’s Awards, which gives special mention to those within the company that have billed over £1 million throughout their career with Anderselite – an exceptional achievement that deserves highlighting. As CEO, I feel very fortunate to be able to witness colleagues and friends, recognising and celebrating the contribution that each individual makes to our team. 

Recruitment companies are essentially about making connections. The most important of these connections is the one we make between our clients and our candidates. If done well and with care, these connections create tremendous opportunity for everybody. But we need to remember that when it comes to our own staff members, we must practice what we preach.

This year’s event was particularly meaningful for Anderselite, it was our first gala dinner since we completed a Management Buyout in September 2016. The company is now 80% owned by its employees, which makes this kind of event equivalent to a key shareholders meeting – it was certainly the most enjoyable AGM I have ever attended! This was also our first opportunity to thank everyone for the hard work and effort that went in to making the MBO possible. Large organisational changes can often leave people feeling uneasy, but as a company I believe that our gala means we build stronger connections with each other and therefore a stronger team. I for one am already looking forward to seeing what we will be celebrating at next year’s event.
There was another reason why this gala was important; in September 2016 we lost a much-loved member of our team, Tracey Jones, after a very brave battle with cancer. Tracey worked in our head office and was an exceptionally warm and genuine person. She was a very keen supporter of the Salvation Army and so on the night we held a charity raffle, the proceeds of which were donated in her memory. I would like to thank all our suppliers and staff for their very generous contribution to this cause. Tracey was the epitome of the values that we hold dear – team spirit, dedication and having fun while putting our clients, candidates and colleagues first.

So I realised once again at this year’s event that our annual gala is a fundamental part of how we build great connections with our clients and candidates, by starting within our own business. I watched as over the course of the evening, groups of colleagues from various locations and departments either met for the first time or reconnected. Our whole organisation bonded as a team, sharing stories, swapping ideas and catching up. The stronger the connections within Anderselite, the better we will be at making external connections for our candidates and clients.

So, while I’m pretty sure that the next morning there were some sore heads, I know we are already planning our next gala and looking forward to the celebration to come. A huge thank you to all those that helped to organise the event, but also to everyone in Anderselite for their commitment over the last year. Every individual within our company continually inspires me to make our business worthy of our clients, candidates and staff alike. 

Images courtesy of Douglas Kurn.

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