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A Better Experience with Video

We help our clients and candidates find each other more effectively with the use of video. Our software works on any device or browser and allows candidates to quickly upload a video showcasing their experience, talking about their CV or perhaps answering some standard interview questions.

Video Screening - Reviewing a CV in isolation is not a very effective method for selecting candidates for interview. Combine a CV with a video of the candidate and your chances of finding the right employee for your team increase dramatically. We can provide short pre-recorded interviews for all our candidates allowing you to make a better selection and therefore ultimately a better hire.

Create your own bespoke selection questions - If you want to see all your prospective candidates answer some standard questions? simple just tell us the questions you want answered and we build them right into our screening process.

Time - Time kills deals and the same can be true when you are looking to hire. Skills are in short supply and good candidates are in demand. Our video screening will not only help you to accelerate your interview process but it will also save you time.

Increased reach - In a market where ideal candidates are growing ever more scarce being able to reach the most candidates as possible is more important than ever. Video interviewing not only eliminates issues surrounding diary conflicts and time lost to travel, but also allows to reach potential candidates who are far further afield, be they in another county or another country.

Showcases Candidates - CV's and covering letters can often be a poor yardstick when trying to evaluate the best candidate. Through video interviewing you are able to get a real feel for a candidates personality, and able to get far more specific information than you could ever get from a CV.

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