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Where are all the women in construction?

16 Feb 2017

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I read an article recently stating that only 11% of the workforce in the construction sector are females. The majority of these are head-office desk roles and the real ‘boots on the ground’ figure for site-based females is a mere 1%.

Surely this is not true - is this just another example of fake news? After all this is 2017 not 1917! We have female astronauts, scientists and engineers. We have come far enough that we now have our second female Prime Minister and the US came close to having its first female President. Convinced that I was on the brink of uncovering some conspiracy I took a detailed look at our own contract workforce.

After looking through our data, I found that just 5% of our workforce is female… and just like the article said, most of these are in white collar head office roles - very few are in Trades or working on a site. 

Anderselite has been providing labour to the construction, civil engineering and rail industries for over thirty years. On any one day we have over a thousand workers deployed on construction sites, head offices and projects all across the UK. We provide our clients a wide range of roles from labourers through to directors.

Our very own Anderselite team are diverse in terms of gender, age and background, so surely within our contract workforce women would be more evenly represented?

With the construction sector enjoying a period of robust growth and the shortage of skills a hot topic for the whole industry the lack of women working in construction is an issue for everyone.

The construction industry offers a wide variety of roles, with good rates of pay and career progression and whilst previously, companies may have been slow to adopt flexible working practices this is now changing fast and employers are working hard to address the diversity issue. So, perhaps with modern construction sites offering excellent opportunities for all, isn’t it time to consider a career in construction?

What are your thoughts about what the industry should do differently and how can we as recruiters’ help– we want to hear from you! We have hundreds of roles to fill across the construction sector and would love to see our workforce become more diverse.

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Written by Simon Trippick, CEO

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